Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Month by iPhone :: November 2014

I should have posted this yesterday, but I forgot until a few hours later, as I was driving to Target. Mondays...

I didn't take too many pictures in November, but here's a peek at what I did take.

the second line parade on Dia de los Muertos... so, so hard. it doesn't even feel real yet. I can't believe that Chris is gone. I know he and Billy are having fun up there (:

it almost looks like an eye, but I just think that it's so pretty.

sometimes I just like to lay under the Christmas tree, okay?

I see this Beetle quite often, with its daisy rear light covers. obviously I had to park next to it since there was an empty spot.

 I love the little bit of peeling paint, the circular window, the tiny little details...

this is like a vintage coffee urn or something that we were loaned.

bookshelf love.

frozen moonroof.

from Thanksgiving - I guess I made a "reserved for Teresa" sign at Christmas many years ago! haha. I must have gotten some new gel pens that year.


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