Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NatureBox :: February 2015

Oh look, another month of taking pictures on auto with flash at ten o'clock at night. Whoops. This month was a good one though! I just wish I would get these on my day off so that I would take pictures during the day instead of wanting to dive into the box right away after I get off work!

{Descriptions in italics provided by NatureBox. This is not a sponsored post.}

Cranberry Pepita Crisps :: these remind me of pie crust, plus dried cranberries and a cinnamon sugar dusting. they're really good, and there seem to be a lot in the bag, but that's probably because they're broken.

What do you do on a Monday afternoon, when your busy day and snack attack are at their utmost peak? Sneak off to that kitchen cupboard and reach for these crisps. Crunchy, substantial and oh-so-slightly sweet, you'll be amped up to tackle the rest of your day in no time. And that endless to-do list? It's a breeze.

Whole Wheat Lemon Figgy Bars :: I waited a while to try this flavor because I didn't think that I would be too impressed with them. I'm really not impressed, as I don't really think that lemon is the right filling flavor for these. they're not bad though, and the filling tastes like a regular lemon bar.

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Nothing too sweet. Nothing too filling. And nothing too light. This whole wheat and lemon taken on a fig-treat classic is perfect for when you want to satiate that hankering for a sweet treat. Top if off with a glass of almond milk and a smile!

Greek Yogurt Pretzels :: I waited to try these until after the blueberry and strawberry ones, thinking that these wouldn't be that special, but I really do like them! my favorite ones are probably the blueberry ones, but I like these better than the strawberry pretzels.

What's in your gym bag for that post-workout treat? It's Greek Yogurt Pretzels, of course! This crunchy snack has the slight tang of classic Greek yogurt but with a slightly sweet twist. Check out our other Greek yogurt pretzel flavors.

Mini Belgian Waffles :: for some reason I thought that these would be harder than they actually are, but I like them this way. they really do have a cookie-like crunch. I had to throw some Nutella on a couple, but they are good without!

Searching for a comforting, breakfast-y snack? These Mini Belgian Waffles are made in the European tradition and offer a cookie-like crunch. Even better, this bite-sized snack offers vanilla-sweet, buttery flavor without the guilt. Enjoy them with a freshly brewed cup of breakfast tea and a smile!

Chocolate Banana Chips :: these are lighter, fluffier banana chips dusted in chocolate. the chocolate flavor is a little too light, in my opinion.

When you're in search of a sweet treat, look no further than these Chocolate Banana Chips! Crispy, chocolaty, with just the right amount of ripe-banana sweetness, you'll love this snack mixed into yogurt for a homemade parfait, or straight out of the bag.


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