Thursday, February 5, 2015

4&5/52 2015

I skipped doing week four on its own because I was on vacation and therefore this post has two weeks worth of photos. It was definitely an adventure going from winter weather to summer/fall weather and then right back into a blizzard. I can't wait to compile all of the photos with words. Here's just a little peek at the last two weeks!

Thursday 22 January // day twenty-two :: from the planning commission meeting the night before... there's a lot of tension here in Sturgeon Bay with the plans for some waterfront development...

Friday 23 January // day twenty-three :: library books and a little more of the mess on the dining room table (as always)

Saturday 24 January // day twenty-four :: I want to take Velvet B Mine out of the packaging soon for a photo project, but at the same time I'm kind of nervous to do that! :P

Sunday 25 January // day twenty-five :: packing.

Monday 26 January // day twenty-six :: I went to Target for just a few things, one of which they didn't have. I bought the lotion and another cosmetic bag like I needed, and I decided to buy some disposable razors as well. I found that nail polish on clearance and couldn't pass it up!

Tuesday 27 January // day twenty-seven :: the Hollander Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL.

Wednesday 28 January // day twenty-eight :: en route to the Salvador Dali Museum.

Thursday 29 January // day twenty-nine :: about to set foot into the Gulf of Mexico.

Friday 30 January // day thirty :: this is the first time that I ever ate lobster. I'm not really a big fan of seafood, but I figured why not try it, especially when it's in macaroni and cheese. I didn't really care for the lobster, but the pasta was great! (; {Sloppy Joe's on Treasure Island}

Saturday 31 January // day thirty-one :: the whiskey fairy made me do it.

Sunday 1 February // day thirty-two :: more packing, but this time for the return to the cold. for someone who wears a lot of dark colors, I do have (and travel with) some very bright accessories.

Monday 2 February // day thirty-three :: Sprinkles, of course.

Tuesday 3 February // day thirty-four :: one last glimpse out the window in Chicago.

Wednesday 4 February // day thirty-five :: of course I had to stop at IKEA on my way home from Chicago. one of the things I bought was this new tablecloth! the sugar skull is from my dad. (:


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