Monday, February 9, 2015

St. Petersburg :: What I Did

I didn't really do a lot of interesting things on my vacation, but here are some pictures anyway!

Basically, I just drove around a lot and looked at stuff. This picture above is from Mirror Lake. I walked a lap around the lake and pissed off some ducks.

I went to the Holocaust Museum (no photos allowed), and then after lunch I headed over to the Salvador Dali Museum. The parking there was $10, but just a couple blocks down you could park for $4, so I did that and walked and saw this nice view. (:

They also had Picasso at the Dali, which was awesome!! My favorite thing to see was the hand-drawn sketches, and their handwritten correspondence.

Of course I had to at least set foot into the Gulf of Mexico while I was there. This is on Treasure Island.

I tend to look at Google Maps to figure out where to go while I'm on vacation, and I found Fort de Soto Fort Park, which is where I ended up on Friday morning. It was so beautiful! The pictures don't even do it justice.

I went back to Treasure Island on Friday night to take some pictures at sunset. (:

Of course I also went to see one of my friends perform at a local bar, but that'll be in the where I ate and drank post. I also went to see the manatees at TECO, but I didn't get any great pictures there.


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