Thursday, February 26, 2015

8/52 2015

It's Wednesday night and I'm trying to think of what happened this week.

I worked a lot, as usual, putting in an extra half shift's worth of hours spread across a few shifts.

Saturday night was a birthday party for one of my friends, and the boys convinced me to stay out all night, which is what I wanted to do but knew I shouldn't. I did anyway, because I wanted to see the last band play, and I'm glad that I did. I love those guys.

I finished my taxes on Monday morning, and then I cleaned out my closet that afternoon.

I worked on some things at work on Tuesday that I thought were fun.

On Wednesday, I drove down to Appleton for some "treat yo' self" time, in the spirit of the series finale of Parks & Rec, which I watched later that evening. (I am so sad that it's over but the way they ended it was wonderful with the glimpses into the future.) I bought myself some tights (in the correct size for once!) and a book of Edgar Allan Poe's works that I've wanted for a while. I just love getting to spend time driving and listening to music.

And without transition, here are some pictures.

Thursday 19 February // day fifty :: hot chocolate time.

Friday 20 February // day fifty-one :: Florida seashells.

Saturday 21 February // day fifty-two :: side view of the newest skull. I love the blue swallows (?) on the back.

Sunday 22 February // day fifty-three :: I like snow as long as it's on the other side of the window.

Monday 23 February // day fifty-four :: someone saw the light of day.

Tuesday 24 February // day fifty-five :: when it's getting later in the day and I realize I haven't taken a picture yet, I usually take a picture of some food.

Wednesday 25 February // day fifty-six :: my friend Ruby has a little brother named Max, and she and her mom had never heard of Max & Ruby! I had to pick up a couple books for her on her birthday. (: also, I want cupcakes now.


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