Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NatureBox :: July 2014

This month's NatureBox was literally handed to me from the mailman himself, while he was sitting in the mail truck, because I just happened to be walking by, and I guess he knows who I am. I don't really know how to introduce this, so let's just jump right in.

Please note, I am not very good at food photography, and a lot of these things were really hard to get an attractive picture of.

There was a cute little pamphlet inside about packing lunches.

Carrot Strawberry Fruit Chews :: these don't have a very distinct carrot or strawberry flavor to me. they taste kind of grape-like, but not really. I guess that most fruit snacks probably don't have a distinct flavor. these aren't dry at all like most other fruit snacks.

Cinnamon Swirl Kettle Kernels :: these are nice and sweet, but I wish that the cinnamon sugar would stick to them better so they could have more of that flavor for longer, instead of just at first.

Dark Cocoa Nom Noms :: these taste identical to a brownie. seriously, they are so good. the texture is different though because of the oats, so they're more like a crunchy brownie. wait. that doesn't really sound right, because they're very soft, but their texture isn't smooth. maybe that's how to describe it.

Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels :: these have the perfect bbq kick without being too spicy. I love a sweet bbq sauce, and this is the perfect flavor.

Baked Cheddar Potato Fries :: like the peppery ones that I tried before, these have a little kick to them, but it's not too much. these also have a little bit of a cheese flavor to them, but it's really not a lot in my opinion.


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  1. I want to try the chocolate nomnoms! They sound awesome!


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