Friday, January 2, 2015

52/52 2014

I honestly am so surprised that I made it through the year and remembered to take a picture every day! I am so proud of myself. The last time I tried to do a photo-a-day for a year, I think I missed the first day actually, and then forgot a couple pictures in July, so I gave up on that year. I think that was 2011 or 2012.

I meant to post this on the first, but I stayed out until four in the morning and never finished editing the photos, and then I slept in today and almost forgot!

{all photos from this project can be viewed by clicking here}

Wednesday 24 December // day three hundred fifty-eight :: Christmas Eve is always spent at my grandparents' house. I love this shot of my grandma's orchid and their Christmas tree!

Thursday 25 December // day three hundred fifty-nine :: I think I have a thing for leopard print.

Friday 26 December // day three hundred sixty :: dish washing view.

Saturday 27 December // day three hundred sixty-one :: I love this little note at the very end of my calendar. I still have to get a calendar for 2015!

Sunday 28 December // day three hundred sixty-two :: new Christmas slippers. these are my third pair from L.L. Bean. they are just so fluffy!

Monday 29 December // day three hundred sixty-three :: met up with some high school friends for lunch! the martini had to be pictured because it was peer pressured from the three of them and the bartender (who I teach Sunday school with). it was so strong that I only ended up drinking probably less than half of it. and Kyle's face looks so red! we were at the Red Room...

Tuesday 30 December // day three hundred sixty-four :: I thought that this gift card sleeve was just too cute. I can't help it, I just really love gift cards.

Wednesday 31 December // day three hundred sixty-five :: I felt like a packmule with all of the stuff I brought to work! these clothes to change into + my camera + my purse. it was a bit ridiculous.


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