Thursday, January 15, 2015

2/52 2015

Do you ever feel like life is a never-ending to do list? That's how it seems right now, like I'm just checking things off before moving on to the next thing. I'm wishing that the weather will be nice on Monday so that I can take advantage of a free day and take some pictures up north. Here's a glimpse at the past week.

Thursday 8 January // day eight :: Sherman Sherman!

Friday 9 January // day nine :: new luggage!!

Saturday 10 January // day ten :: there's a bounty on my heart

Sunday 11 January // day eleven :: bedroom glimpse.

Monday 12 January // day twelve :: to do stack.

Tuesday 13 January // day thirteen :: snowing, again.

Wednesday 14 January // day fourteen :: my calendar arrived yesterday right as I was going to work, but it's up on the wall now! only took two weeks into the year (; {calendar here}


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