Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/52 2015

Let's see how many times I put "2014" instead of "2015" (;

2015 has been wonderful (but really cold) so far. here's a little peek into my week.

Thursday 1 January // day one :: back to the beginning.

Friday 2 January // day two :: lunch.

Saturday 3 January // day three :: woke up to snow! I was glad that I took this picture when I did, because soon after, a bird or something landed on it leaving some dents.

Sunday 4 January // day four :: I have lived here for eight months, and this is how empty my living room is. also, I got a new wide angle lens!!!

Monday 5 January // day five :: so I really like trying kind of weird yogurt flavors (like the caramel one that I actually love), and when I saw a cinnamon roll one, I had to try it! it actually tastes like a cinnamon roll, and I really do like it.

Tuesday 6 January // day six :: I finished reading Only Earth and Sky Last Forever before going to work.

Wednesday 7 January // day seven :: I spent the afternoon baking and reading and watching Say Yes to the Dress, and then later painted my nails.


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