Thursday, January 22, 2015

3/52 2015

I am getting the hang of LightRoom (I think) and I love it! I have been editing all of my photos from my camera before they go into iPhoto, which is going to be overwhelming a couple times this year, but I feel less stressed knowing that they will just be ready for a watermark (if necessary) and then ready to go wherever, instead of not knowing if I saved the edited version somewhere.

Here's a peek at this past week. The last one is by far my favorite! I'll post some more pictures from that day soon! I had a blast driving and jamming out to the Traveling Suitcase's Nobody Wins album. The sky was just so so perfect for pictures and it wasn't too cold (27 degrees).

Thursday 15 January // day fifteen :: cute cute socks for the little guy!

Friday 16 January // day sixteen :: reading Pointe!

Saturday 17 January // day seventeen :: I found Tazo chai latte mix at Target, and I had to have some with the last of the chai snickerdoodles!

Sunday 18 January // day eighteen :: I love burning candles and working on writing before going to bed.

Monday 19 January // day nineteen :: I couldn't not buy these. Look at how cute they are!

Tuesday 20 January // day twenty :: books for Wednesday morning... we only ended up reading Juggling Pug because we read Frozen, which was pretty long.
{Hotel Animal // Juggling Pug // Perfect Snow}

Wednesday 21 January // day twenty-one :: found this little gem before getting lost and while getting distracted (: I am loving my wide-angle lens.


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