Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

This was the first year that I actually did anything for New Year's, and I guess that makes sense since I turned 21 this year. I was invited to a party last year, but I didn't feel like going.

I hung out around home during the day, after going to Target to print out some pictures. I watched the first season of Parks and Recreation (it was only six episodes), and now I am addicted!

I worked at the motel in the evening, and it wasn't too busy. We were pretty full, but it was pretty low-key. I got ready around 10:30 and went over to Stone Harbor to see WIFEE and the HUZz Band! Some of my other friends were playing in Door County, but Stone Harbor was the most accessible one for me to get to, so that was where I ended up.

I'm so glad I snapped this before I left, because I don't think there are any pictures of me in my skirt! It was super cute (I got it on Zulily), but it was a size too small, so it was so tight that I couldn't get it any longer. I should have really looked at the size guide.

I ran into my friends right away at Stone Harbor, and I happened to arrive between the first and second sets, which was perfect. I went and said hi to a few people before the second set started, and then I was taking some pictures, but I had my shutter speed too low at first, so most of them didn't turn out. Plus the lighting in the ballroom is never that great.

some instrumentation at the beginning of Our Love

The trumpet player had me get on stage between two of the songs to take a picture with him, but I had turned my lens the wrong way, so it was zoomed in on only my face, and I'm really sad that we never got our picture.

The second set ended about fifteen or twenty minutes before midnight, and I was really not looking forward to the whole midnight thing because I just felt really awkward. I was planning on going outside, but the drummer was in my way. haha, thanks a lot Zach.

Vee still has my Cinderella band-aid on his guitar!

A few minutes after midnight, I spotted my friends who had told me earlier that they weren't going to be able to make it, but they surprised us by driving 18 straight hours to get here! It was definitely a wonderful surprise.

After the show, we all went out and hung out somewhere else. People were still showing up when I left around quarter to four. I was so tired! It was definitely a great night, but I don't know how many long nights like that I will be doing this year (or ever again).

{sister sister at 2:30 am}


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