Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NatureBox :: January 2015

Another month, another NatureBox! I love finding one of these by my door when I get home, especially when I didn't really buy any snacks at the grocery store. Here's a look at what's inside and what I thought!

Old Fashioned Blister Peanuts :: I didn't really think that there was anything special about these peanuts, they just tasted like regular peanuts. They were good, though, and reminded me of eating at Texas Roadhouse. (Except they were already shelled.)

"We scoured the country to find extra large Virginia peanuts and roasted them using a unique 2-step process. This process causes the peanuts to "blister" resulting in extra crunchy perfection. We finished them off with a touch of Himalayan pink salt for earthy balance. Munch on them when you're on the go!"

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Pretzels :: I tried the blueberry ones last month, and next month I will be getting the classic ones. These weren't as good as the blueberry ones, but I must also admit that I prefer blueberry yogurt to strawberry.

"What’s your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt? We love the creamy treat on its own but we’re loving it even more in these crunchy pretzels! Inspired by the delicious sweetness from fresh strawberries, you’ll want to stock up on our other flavors in classic Greek yogurt as well as Blueberry!"

Ancient Grain Granola :: As we all know, I love granola. However, this one just kind of fell flat for me. It didn't really have the vanilla flavor mentioned in the description, and it had a little bit of an almost savory taste to me.

"Ready for a pick-me-up? Whether it’s for your morning meal or a second breakfast, grab this power-packed Ancient Grains Granola for the ultimate vanilla-coconut crunch. Quinoa flakes, kamut and spelt make for a yogurt topping so deliciously satisfying you’ll be sure to want more for that afternoon treat… or for a third breakfast."

Roasted Peruvian Corn Kernels :: Yum! These are super crunchy and really good! I've had a couple different kinds of corn kernels from NatureBox, and I think that these are my favorite because they are airier and lighter than the other ones, so they aren't as hard on my teeth.

"Peruvian corn is a large kernel corn from the Andes and it’s especially popular in Central America and South America. To enhance these corn kernels’ nutty flavor and sizable texture, we’ve roasted them to golden brown perfection and added just a touch of sea salt. Serve them with an ice-cold glass of lemonade and share with your favorite people!"

Lemon Almond Biscotti Bites :: I guess I saved my favorite two for last! (: These are so lemony, and have the perfect texture and crunch. They don't have a lot of almonds, but I think they would be too crunchy if there were more.

"As you prep for a long day of travel, you load up your devices with new dance tunes and your favorite podcasts. You've got your itinerary and that handy carry-on luggage. Now, just stop by your neighborhood coffee shop for a cup of green tea to go with these lemon-flavored, almond-kissed Biscotti Bites."


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