Thursday, October 23, 2014

NatureBox :: October 2014

I didn't take a picture of all of the snacks in the box this week, so let's just jump right in! {We all know I'm terrible with intros anyway.}

Watermelon Fruit Chews :: I really wasn't sure if I would like these. they actually do have a watermelon flavor, similar to most other watermelon fruit snacks. I just wish that they had the crunch like the crunchy strawberry ones that I got last month.

Toffee Almond Granola :: {I wasn't at the best angle for this one, which is why there are two pictures.} this granola is okay. it has dried bananas in the ingredients, but I still haven't seen or tasted any. it has more of a French toast taste, in my opinion.

Asiago & Cheddar Cheese Crisps :: these are so amazing! they have a ripply texture and are light but crunchy. the cheese flavor is just perfect, with a little bit of a cayenne kick.

Cashew Crumble :: yes, that does say cookie-coated cashews. I don't have much to say beyond that. they're cashews, baked into a yummy brown sugar cookie.

Dutch Cocoa Sun-Crunch :: these are okay, but definitely not something I would get again. they're nice and crunchy, and I could do without the sesame seeds.


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  1. The almond granola sounds good! I need to eat better, healthier snacks.


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