Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Forgotten Summer Photographs

this summer was so busy! I took a little time a few times to go and take some photos, but it is so hard for me to get up north, and then being around all of the tourists kind of makes me feel uncomfortable, so I didn't really get many photos, but there are some places that I definitely want to check out in the next few months. here is a little glimpse at part of my summer. (:

one of my homes away from home. love this place!

this limestone is 500 million years old, from what I've heard. I would love to go up and behind to see the rest of the quarry, but it's private property. :(

right across the street from the quarry park is the boat launch, where I have taken many many pictures. this is Green Bay at the west side of the canal.

backroads driving.

Lake Michigan.

Portage Park. {Lake Michigan}

North Pier Head at the USCG Canal Station {still Lake Michigan}

bridge selfies.

one of my favorite things about downtown is all of the brick walls. my favorite favorite ones are where the paint peels away to show the red brick underneath.


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