Thursday, September 3, 2015

35/52 2015

it's that weird time of year transitioning from summer to school year, yet it's still peak season. please tell me that someone else knows how weird this time of year is? anyway, it was a busy weekend and then I got to see some awesome friends on Monday!

Thursday 27 August // day two hundred forty :: my loaner for the week while Luna was getting fixed... no offense to anyone who drives a Buick, but I felt like an old lady. :/

Friday 28 August // day two hundred forty-one :: photographs as bookmarks.

Saturday 29 August // day two hundred forty-two :: I love getting fun mail, so ordering things online makes me happier than it should. I am so excited to own copies of these books!

Sunday 30 August // day two hundred forty-three :: I love fog.

Monday 31 August // day two hundred forty-four :: pieces of the moments.

Tuesday 1 September // day two hundred forty-five :: new shoesh. (: {buy here}

Wednesday 2 September // day two hundred forty-six :: not even embarrassed about adding all of this old music to my iPod.


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