Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NatureBox :: September 2015

I have officially been getting a NatureBox every month for two years now! I still love getting that box in the mail. It's usually a surprise when it arrives because I don't track the package, so I only know that it's coming if I remember that I saw an email from them.

Here's what I tried this month!

Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley :: I first received this snack in February 2014, and I still love it. What can I say? Dried fruit is one of my favorite snacks, and this is the perfect blend of dried apples and cranberries. It's perfect for fall (or any other time of the year).

Picking up the kids from school can be stressful enough; when they get those afternoon munchies, it can get even more hectic. Don't panic. Bring a bag of this perfectly bite-sized apple and cranberry medley to get the kids (and yourself) through that car ride home. After all, who doesn't enjoy sweet, chewy fruit snacks?

Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles :: I enjoyed the Mini Belgian Waffles back in February, so when I saw that the cocoa ones were new this month, I had to try them. Just like the others, these have a nice soft but not falling apart texture, but they have a perfect chocolate flavor!

If you're a fan of our Mini Belgian Waffles and a lover of chocolate, we've got the perfect treat for you! These Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles offer the same cookie-like crunch and a chocolaty-sweet, buttery flavor. Experience the authentic taste of Belgian waffles in the comfort of your own home.

Roasted Kettle Kernels :: The first (and last) time that I had these was in my first NatureBox back in September 2013! I so did not plan to get these in September again on purpose, and they are just as delicious as I remember. This was one of the snacks that kept me getting this subscription. These are perfectly crunchy with the slightest amount of sweetness.

It's a couple hours past your lunch break and you feel that afternoon sluggishness starting to settle in. Time to recharge! Rather than snagging a bag of fried corn kernels from the vending machine, slide open your desk drawer to reach for this roasted snack with a touch of honey, a pinch of salt and totally satisfying crunch.

Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels :: This one was a first for me. These pretzels are nice and crunchy with a cheesy flavor, but there is just something in there that has a tiny beer flavor, which I thought was pretty strange. I don't like beer, so I didn't find that to be too pleasant, but overall, these pretzels are good. (After reading the description below as I was typing it, I learned that I was correct.)

The popcorn's popping and your drinks are chilling in the fridge. All that's left to do for movie night is snag these pretzels with the comforting flavors of cheddar-sprinkled sourdough and a dash of ale. So grab your coziest blanket, kick up your feet and dim the lights. Just be sure to turn off your phone and keep crunching to a minimum.

Chocolate Chia Granola :: I had this back in March, and I am a sucker for chocolate granola, so I had to get it again. Plus, chia seeds are good for you, right? I love having granola in yogurt, but it didn't make this soy yogurt taste any better.

The combination of organic whole rolled oats, chia seeds and cocoa powder will take you back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and crunchy, chocolatey cereal. Whole grain oats and chia seeds offer fiber, while cocoa and a touch of sweetness round our this sinfully guilt-free snack.


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