Thursday, September 24, 2015

38/52 :: 2015

let's play a little game called how many times can Teresa put that pear tablecloth in the picture this week... only five?! hmm it's kind of almost visible in a sixth picture too. I need to get out a little bit more, I think.

Thursday 17 September // day two hundred sixty-one :: I just love watching the colors coming in.

Friday 18 September // day two hundred sixty-two :: iOS 9 updates!

Saturday 19 September // day two hundred sixty-three :: more colors. this was one of my favorites that I've done lately.

Sunday 20 September // day two hundred sixty-four :: things to work on.

Monday 21 September // day two hundred sixty-five :: listening to Wildest Dreams at the canal.

Tuesday 22 September // day two hundred sixty-six :: fresh from a 1.27 mile walk around the neighborhood and listening to some Geri X.

Wednesday 23 September // day two hundred sixty-seven :: starting to watch Scream Queens instead of doing something about all of the stuff in this picture... I only made it half an hour into the show. I kind of want to know what happens, but at the same time, it is way too gory for me. (though the costumes and cast are wonderful.)


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