Thursday, September 10, 2015

36/52 2015

now that school has started again, I'm getting back into the swing of non-summer. that's a weird term to use, but I don't know how else to describe it, since it's not the slow season yet, but it's technically still summer and now I'm just rambling and confusing myself now. here's a peek into the last week.

Thursday 3 September // day two hundred forty-seven :: preschool stuff! (the notebook is from Target of course)

Friday 4 September // day two hundred forty-eight :: I know that I have for sure posted a picture of baby carrots in this same bowl before, but sometimes I have no photo inspiration and I just love the brightness.

Saturday 5 September // day two hundred forty-nine :: things I should be working on.

Sunday 6 September // day two hundred fifty :: I meant to take a picture of just the shoes and skirt, but I totally forgot! so this is the best I have.

Monday 7 September // day two hundred fifty-one :: exploring after horseback riding.

Tuesday 8 September // day two hundred fifty-two :: I love mirror reflection pictures.

Wednesday 9 September // day two hundred fifty-three :: more exploring.


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