Wednesday, July 16, 2014

28/52 2014

this is later than usual because I totally forgot to have the pictures downloaded to my computer, let alone edited or in the post...

Wednesday 9 July // day one hundred ninety :: I feel as though this deserves a kind of lengthy explanation. Yes, this picture was taken exactly one month before my 21st birthday. I received this for my college graduation {in December} and the glasses were my great-grandfather's. I got sick of looking at that bottle in the fridge, so I figured that I would try it, but of course I would need to take pictures to document this. I really only had a tiny sip and I didn't like it, so I dumped it out. Growing up Catholic and taking Eucharist at Mass, I could already tell you that I don't like wine. I've spent plenty of time around alcohol in my life and I don't really understand why people like it {I'm sorry, but it smells gross} or what it does to them. I think we all know that I'll be having a sober birthday! (: To each his own, I guess.

Thursday 10 July // day one hundred ninety-one :: tiny red heels. they're actually a phone stand, and it was a gift from my manager (:

Friday 11 July // day one hundred ninety-two :: from the August 2014 issue of Glamour (an article entitled "12 Times New Clothes are the Answer") - I do have quite a bit of color in my closet, but there are many, many black items in there... (:

Saturday 12 July // day one hundred ninety-three :: this is my favorite lotion! (I get it at World Market)

Sunday 13 July // day one hundred ninety-four :: trying to finish a book by doing some reading before work so that I could return it to the library the next morning.

Monday 14 July // day one hundred ninety-five :: clouds. I really like clouds. this was one of those days where I took a few other pictures, but I liked this one the best for the day.

Tuesday 15 July // day one hundred ninety-six :: if I'm running late on taking a picture for the day and about to leave for work, I just take a picture of the view from my balcony...



  1. Hello,

    I see your posting and understand that,your fashionable products are nice and perfect for the body.


  2. That phone stand is gorgeous! I rarely drink, as alcohol gives me heart burn. However when I do drink it's fruity. Vodka and cranberry. I stick to like colors, clear alcohols only or dark only, no mixing then no sick. Also, arbor mists are tasty and have almost no alcohol!
    I can't believe you're 20. You're so mature!


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