Thursday, July 24, 2014

cherries & hay bales

on Monday afternoon, I just decided to go for a drive on the back roads up north a little bit. first I had to go to the gas station, because Luna was almost on empty {fine. almost on 1/8th of a tank.}, and on my way I passed a small cherry orchard with a field across the street. in that field, there were rectangular hay bales. now, I know that there are rectangular hay bales, but I'm used to seeing the big circular ones, so I thought that that was kind of strange. by the time I returned two hours later, they were gone so I couldn't take a picture.

the first three pictures are from some cherry orchard. I think it's Choice Orchards, but I'm not sure because there were no signs at all, just rows and rows of trees. {the sky is a little blown out on the first two because I forgot to change the ISO. I'm still getting used to shooting in manual.} while I was driving around, I had to go by Chateau Hutter of course, and there are more boarded up windows on the house {?} than last time, which is a little concerning. and then a picture of some rounded hay bales. (:


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  1. Boarded up or no, that house is pretty.


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