Thursday, July 17, 2014

I started typing and this is what happened.

I have no idea where this post is going to end up, but here is a picture of some purple flowers. Sometimes I think of things that I could write about, and then I sit down in front of a blank post and my mind goes blank and I just keep typing about nothing. Like right now, for example.

Maybe I should just turn this into a post where I write some random facts about me. Except one of my high school math teachers (he taught Algebra II and Probability & Statistics) said that humans cannot do random.

Moving on.

I usually have no plans on Wednesdays, and sometimes I stay in my apartment all day and I don't do anything too productive. For example today (which is technically now yesterday, because I published this on Thursday - and now I'm writing in weird tenses and this is like being inside my head), I didn't do my hair or makeup (but I'm wearing real clothes!) and I just watched Celebrity Wife Swap and Cupcake Wars and read a book and did some journaling. I was going to go for a walk, but then I was like, "Nahhhh. I'll do some laundry and schedule some appointments instead."

I just did a search for MySpace surveys so that I can answer some questions or whatever instead of writing about nothing at all. I never actually had a MySpace...

Here goes...

1. I love... my jobs even though sometimes I don't show it. I love working with the kids and all of the amazing people that I have become connected with through the motel. (This prompt made me think of a quote from Children's Liturgy of the Word this week: "I love love. My daddy throws me up in the air and says, 'Woo hoo!' and then I fall in his lap."

2. Right now I want... to brush my teeth. I'll be right back.

3. I feel like... sometimes everything is my responsibility when it isn't. I also feel like sometimes I am more negative than necessary.

4. I hate it when... things aren't clean.

5. I fear... that life is too short, not just for me but for everyone.

6. I'm lonely without... music.

7. I need... a new catalytic converter for Luna and to schedule some appointments for birthday prep.

8. Today I... watched Cupcake Wars and they put seafood in cupcakes and it was gross.

9. Tomorrow I'm... going to work with the kids and at the motel. You really never know what's going to happen at either place.

10. I just... want a hug.

11. I want to meet... the Osbournes.

12. I'm hungry for... bbq pulled pork, which I have been craving since Kelsey and I went to Olive Garden for lunch last Monday and only ate carbs (and cheese).

13. I love it when... someone stops by the motel to say hi to me. 
14. I'm afraid of... raw meat and insects.

15. I'm listening to... James Hall and Liv Mueller. The song is called "One Last Drink of You."

16. I'm wearing... American Eagle jeans (as always), a v-neck tee, and a USC hoodie.

17. I wish I was in... I'm drawing a blank on this one because I don't really have an answer.

18. I'm craving... cupcakes. There's a box of cupcake mix in my kitchen, but I'm saving that for my birthday.

19. I want to get... more clothes. But nothing ever looks like something I would wear.

20. I can... fold a fitted sheet correctly.

21. I can't... do a cartwheel.

22. I have... spent too much money at Target in my life.

23. I haven't... been outside of North America.

24. I'm nervous to... move away from Door County.

25. My Mom thinks I'm...  I should move to a big city so she can come and visit me.

26. My Dad thinks I'm... I don't even know what to say to this one. I just really don't know.

28. I'm happy when...

29. I'm sad when... everyone sees rainbows and posts pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but I didn't get to see the rainbows. (It was actually a double rainbow, and it was pretty big.)

30. I like eating... ice cream, cupcakes, pizza, pasta, and cereal. But lest you think all I eat is junk food, I do like fresh fruit and yogurt and smoothies with spinach.

31. I hate eating... most vegetables. Like broccoli and squash and beans and such. Yuck.

32. I love watching... trashy tv, such as the Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant shows, the Hills, Celebrity Wife Swap...

33. I love listening to... music. All the time.

34. I like playing... When I was younger, I had a GameBoy Color with the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game, and I would play that a lot. Except the game was kind of broken and wouldn't save, so I never made it to the end.

35. I hate waking up to... people talking outside... Thanks, moving company on Tuesday.

36. I can see... clearly now, the rain is gone. Just kidding. (: I'm in the dining room and I can see a mess on the table (where I am sitting), into the pantry, and a photograph on the wall.

37. I'm glad that... things are going the way they are. Sometimes life throws you a curveball (is that the right saying?), but I believe that everything will work out in the end exactly how it was supposed to be, because it's not over until it's over.

38. I'm disappointed that... I turned down some opportunities that could have been beautiful, but there's always an opportunity for more beauty to come along.

39. I look like... myself?

40. I wish I looked like... Sometimes I wish I looked like Geri X. Okay, maybe not look like her (because that would be a little creepy), but I do sometimes wish that I could pull of colored hair or full sleeves tattoos.



  1. See, now I know you're young. I got faceboo back in 2004 when it came out and you had to have a college email address and could only have three photos. I loved myspace! So now I want to play in response to you because a lot of our answers are the same.
    1. I love family. It's huge, I have 18 nieces and nephews, two brothers, two sisters, 54 cousins and 3 aunts and two uncles, but only my Mom and one mema and papa.
    2. Right now I want. to finish blogging but youtube is calling my name.
    3. I feel like... sometimes everything is my responsibility when it isn't. I also feel like sometimes I am more negative than necessary. (Same feelings girl.)
    4. I hate it when. my Husband expects me to clean! I am messy, he is a neat freak. You clean it then! :)
    5. I fear... oblivion. I know, I stole that from Augustus in TFIOS but it's true. I fear losing my conscious thought.
    6. I'm lonely without... noise. I have two kids. When they're gone It's too quiet and very lonesome.
    7. I need... a new job. Our hotel was sold.
    8. Today I... made a lot of tips! Firefighter convention.
    9. Tomorrow I'm... going to work .
    10. I just... wanna sleep.
    11. I want to meet... the President.
    12. I'm hungry for... brownies.
    13.Guests leave feedback on trip advisor and mention me by name.
    14. I'm afraid of... water.
    15. I'm listening to... a rerun of friends. Charlie Sheen is the guest star.
    16. I'm wearing... Old Navy shorts and a dots cami.
    17. I wish I was in...the movies! Or Broadway. I'm dramatic.
    18. I'm craving... cantaloupe.
    19. I want to get... in the pool!
    20. I can...whistle.
    21. I can't... do math well
    22. I have... 100 handbags.
    23. I haven't... been to sing karaoke in a week!
    24. I'm nervous to... not much.
    25. My Mom thinks I'm... awesome. I'm her favorite.
    26. My Dad does not exist..
    28. I'm happy when... flowers bloom, children laugh, people sing well and joyfully.
    29. I'm sad when..I hear the theme to Titanic.
    30. I like eating... baked goods.
    31. I hate eating...organ meats. I just do not get it and they do not go in my tummy.
    32. I love watching...DIY network.
    33. I love listening to... music. All the time.
    34. I like playing... pretend.
    35. I hate waking up to...a full schedule. I like lazy days!
    36. I can see... my daughter playing with the cat.
    37. I'm glad that...I have a big family. There's always someone just a text away.
    38. I'm disappointed that... I'm 28. I feel 23. How did I get so old?
    39. I look like... Claire Danes when I was younger.
    40. I wish I looked like... Claire Danes NOW.

  2. I love the "humans cannot do random" thought. That's an interesting concept. Hmm.. I used to love Myspace back in the day. Then Facebook happened. Virtual hugs for you for #10!! You must really want some cupcakes! I think watching Cupcake War will do that to you. I like eating and listening to music too! We should totally eat cupcakes and watch TV when we meet up one day in the distant future.


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