Wednesday, July 23, 2014

29/52 2014

just another summer week. the weather is starting to get warmer here, and it's been in the eighties the past few days.

Wednesday 16 July // day one hundred ninety-seven :: my favorite cherries.

Thursday 17 July // day one hundred ninety-eight :: birthday dinner planning.

Friday 18 July // day one hundred ninety-nine :: birthday shoes from Zappos! I ordered these on Monday night, and they arrived on Thursday!

Saturday 19 July // day two hundred :: paying bills. I felt really bad about using these stamps because they are too cute!

Sunday 20 July // day two hundred one :: National Ice Cream Day. but I had Yasso frozen Greek yogurt instead. {sea salt caramel}

Monday 21 July // day two hundred two :: in the afternoon, I decided to just take a drive up north a little bit to take some pictures. I was just driving around on some back roads, and I stopped a couple times to take pictures. here are some cherry trees!

Tuesday 22 July // day two hundred three :: reading before work.


1 comment:

  1. MMMMMmmm cherries! That makes me what to make a cherry pie. And an apple pie.


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