Wednesday, October 1, 2014

39/52 2014

Another week has gone by and all of the sudden it's no longer September?! I wish I had something exciting to share, but I don't. Here's a look at my week.

Wednesday 24 September // day two hundred sixty-seven :: I went for a drive on County C and found this old barn.

Thursday 25 September // day two hundred sixty-eight :: les petits poissons rouges

Friday 26 September // day two hundred sixty-nine :: this week's library check-outs

Saturday 27 September // day two hundred seventy :: watching the premiere of the 25th season of the Amazing Race! can't say I was saddened by the first elimination... I want the Wisconsin (#SweetScientists) to win, but I also like #MotherDaughter and #CollegeSweethearts.

{I'm also watching season 17}

Sunday 28 September // day two hundred seventy-one :: clothes for tomorrow. varying shades of purple.

Monday 29 September // day two hundred seventy-two :: Luna had an oil change and got her brake pads replaced. usually I just get "Young" on the tag, so this made me smile. (it's my initials)

Tuesday 30 September // day two hundred seventy-three :: currently reading Big Little Lies. I love Liane Moriarty's books!

Does anyone know where to by fun, inexpensive socks? I usually get them from Target (the Xhiliration ones), but it seems like they don't have a very good selection anymore and mine are starting to get pretty worn out. I like to wear argyle or animal print ones and I try to match them to the rest of my outfit for my tumbling classes. ModCloth has some really fun ones, but they're like $10-12 a pair! Any suggestions?


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  1. One of the mall stores should do it for socks. Forever 21?


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