Thursday, October 9, 2014

abandoned bricks

here are some pictures of a beautiful brick house in Carlsville because clearly I like abandoned buildings. I've been wanting to take some pictures here for probably a year. the funny thing is that I remember my dad saying years ago about how he and a friend wanted to go in there and take pictures and I didn't get why, but now I just think that the house is so pretty.

what initially drew me in were the bricks, I'm sure. but looking at the building that afternoon, I was so intrigued by the holes in the walls near where the roof should be and the missing porches. the chipped door and those missing bricks add to it too.

this is the front, facing highway 42. the little cement block says "KS 1904."

the side and back of the house. I really want to know why all of those bricks are missing from the back.

you know, I just realized as I was putting together this post that maybe the roof has nearly fallen in because of that tornado twenty or so years ago...

I think my favorite part of abandoned buildings is imagining the stories.


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  1. You should come see the abandoned mansion on my street! It's yellow painted brick with purple trim (and it's pretty!) With 4 floors, a ginormous porch, gorgeous yard and a shed that's apart of the underground railroad!


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