Wednesday, October 8, 2014

40/52 2014

I really didn't like some of my pictures this week. I feel like some of them are just so boring, but then I thought about what the point of this project really is. the point of this is to take a picture every day and not give up and to get more familiar with my camera. sometimes it's all just how you think about things.

Wednesday 1 October // day two hundred seventy-four :: I love exposed brick, and I thought that this corner of an abandoned building was picturesque. more pictures to come soon!

Thursday 2 October // day two hundred seventy-five :: new scarf from zulily! (:

Friday 3 October // day two hundred seventy-six :: one of my sweet friends got this for me, and it perfectly describes how I feel.

Saturday 4 October // day two hundred seventy-seven :: breakfast

Sunday 5 October // day two hundred seventy-eight :: I just love Liane Moriarty's books so much! Big Little Lies was no exception.

Monday 6 October // day two hundred seventy-nine :: apples

Tuesday 7 October // day two hundred eighty :: I got back in the pool today and swam a mile! swimming is not as easy as I remember it being five years ago! {this one is out of focus :/}


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