Wednesday, October 15, 2014

41/52 2014

It's almost Halloween! I am so excited! I hope you're ready for lots of Halloween-ish pictures around here. (:

I was able to go out and take some pictures on Monday, and I hope that I am able to catch a sunrise in the next week or two before Daylight Savings. It's been really rainy and cloud-covered for the past few days, so I'm glad that I didn't try to get out to see the sunrise, because I wouldn't have seen one.

Wednesday 8 October // day two hundred eighty-one :: the inbox of my email is full of order confirmations and shipping notifications, so this is going to be a good week for mail. this princess skull is from zulily, and I just love it! the little card that was in my package said "when in doubt add glitter," which was perfect because my hands were covered in glitter from its tiara!

Thursday 9 October // day two hundred eighty-two :: if I happen to have my camera with me when I'm on the bridge and it's up, there won't be a single, pretty cloud in the sky...

Friday 10 October // day two hundred eighty-three :: first StitchFix

Saturday 11 October // day two hundred eighty-four :: another Halloween find from zulily... this one is a little crossbody so that I don't have to take my whole purse with me. it's the perfect size! {I actually found it in the children's accessories.}

Sunday 12 October // day two hundred eighty-five :: when in doubt, take a picture of what you're eating.

Monday 13 October // day two hundred eighty-six :: foggy day on Lake Michigan {Algoma}

Tuesday 14 October // day two hundred eighty-seven :: lesson planning.


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  1. The jeans from your stitch fix box look really nice! Did you like them?


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