Wednesday, October 22, 2014

42/52 2014

Quite a week this was. The most beautiful thing that comes from death is all of the love that surrounds the family, biological or chosen. I'm trying to keep things positive, though, and move forth giving love as he did.

"'cause when the world gets rough, we've just got to spread our love around." - Chris Aaron, Circumstance

Wednesday 15 October // day two hundred eighty-eight :: I was rushing to take a picture before leaving for work, so I didn't know what to take a picture of. this smells amazing!

Thursday 16 October // day two hundred eighty-nine :: still in such shock to hear of the passing of an amazing man. Chris Aaron (in black) was my third father. {post here}

Friday 17 October // day two hundred ninety :: another struggle for something to take a picture of... here's what I wore

Saturday 18 October // day two hundred ninety-one :: my 2015 agenda arrived from May Designs!

Sunday 19 October // day two hundred ninety-two :: a rare glimpse of the sunrise, which has been even rarer since it's been so grey and rainy

Monday 20 October // day two hundred ninety-three :: kiwi lines

Tuesday 21 October // day two hundred ninety-four :: I finally measured and bought a rug for the entryway of my apartment. it's dark grey. I wanted a more tan one, but I liked the pattern on this one. it's from Target of course. {in case you're wondering, I also bought toothbrushes, mascara, and another frame. I printed out a 5x7 as well. I almost bought a mirror. maybe next week. (; there are so many things on clearance there right now!}


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  1. Oh, I love the rug. It seems all I ever do is shop at Target anymore. My whole outfit was Target the other day.


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