Wednesday, October 29, 2014

43/52 2014

a regular weeks melds into an even week.  I hope to share some behind-the-scenes Halloween photos! (:

Wednesday 22 October // day two hundred ninety-five :: replying to happy mail.

Thursday 23 October // day two hundred ninety-six :: sunrise glimpse.

Friday 24 October // day two hundred ninety-seven :: bread holes.

Saturday 25 October // day two hundred ninety-eight :: I rented a lens from BorrowLenses and I was so excited to use it! It was a 10-100 mm lens, which sounded pretty awesome because it does wide angle and zoom! Well, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? It turns out the lens only fits the Nikon1, which I don't have. I was so frustrated that I didn't read that right on the page I ordered it from!

Sunday 26 October // day two hundred ninety-nine :: bring your skulls to work day.

Monday 27 October // day three hundred :: this is Charles' mug. I love it.

Tuesday 28 October // day three hundred one :: unattended fire.


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  1. I seem to have lost my canon t 3 and I'm, unable to blog. I'm going nuts!


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