Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Post About Target

Don't be so surprised, I'm writing about Target again.

I don't even know why I'm writing another post about Target. Okay, I just have to let you in on what I bought and the great clearance items.

So I went to Target on Tuesday morning because I needed a birthday card and a gift bag for the present. I decided I would also look for something for my Secret Santa for Christmas.

I walked in and of course got my kicks from Shopkick. {I'm saving up for a Target gift card, obviously.} I browsed the See Spot Save section but didn't really look to closely or pick anything up, and I cut through the women's clothes and went over to the accessories department to look and see if there were any cute scarves on clearance. There weren't. I checked Cartwheel, and then I headed towards the toddler clothing section for that gift.

Well, the hosiery section {Is that what it's called?} is right next to the toddler clothing, so I looked to see if they had any cute knee high socks, and they did!! I ended up getting two pairs {pictured above}, but when they're on sale, there are a few other ones that I liked.

I browsed the toddler clothes, but I didn't see any cute boy stuff, so I went to the home department and looked at sheets. Sheets are so expensive! There were some on clearance and others on sale, but I didn't really like them that much, and I almost bought a pink fuzzy blanket that was on clearance in the toddler/baby bedroom section, but I didn't like the color too much. I wandered around the Halloween section before I went to the kitchen section.

There was an aisle that was empty except for a tiny section of some clearance items, and I found some blond wood frames that I bought {5x7 and matted 4x6 - they match the matted 8x10 in my dining room}. I kept walking and then I looked at some lamps and frames and found a black wood matted 8x10 that was 70% off. It was $12 instead of $40 so I bought it. The problem here is that now I have to pick and print photos for these three frames and decide where to hang them.

{here are the frames, along with a red one that also needs to be filled and hung.}

The reason I don't typically get a cart while I'm in Target is so I don't end up buying a ton of things that I don't really need, so I went and looked at the stationery section. There was a coupon on Cartwheel for an additional 20% off clearanced stationery items, which was perfect because the cutest gift bag was on clearance. I also looked at the notecards on clearance, but I didn't buy any.

I looked at birthday cards, but didn't buy any. I really hate picking out greeting cards! It's so hard because I feel like they never fit the person I'm looking to buy one for. So I just went and checked out.

And that's how I ended up spending $24 at Target this week...

When I pull down the notification center on my iPhone, it tells me how long it would take me to drive to work or church or wherever I usually go that day of the week. Today it told me how long it would take me to drive to Target. Oops.

Kudos to anyone who actually read this. (;


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  1. I am a little disappointed by Target lately.


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