Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today's topic for Blog Every Day in May is bloggy besties! (:

While I don't really have any bloggy besties since I've started this blog, I have made some great friends on tumblr, and I've joined Cara Box from Wifessionals this month to meet some new bloggers!

Today, though, I will talk about my "little sister" Abi! (:

here we are back in October! (:

Abi and I met in (I think) 2009. Our dads are friends, so when Abi's family came to visit, my dad thought it would be cool if we hung out. I guess he had thought that we were closer in age (she's four and a half years younger than me, but she's totally taller than me!), and I had this picture in my head of this stuck up blonde girl (sad, but true). I am so glad that I was wrong, and I am so thankful to have Abi in my life! She is a very smart and mature young lady who will always be my little sister!

me, my dad, Abi's dad, Abi, & Ginger; Father's Day 2010

During my first event at work, I had no idea who 85% of the musicians were. Thanks to Abi, who had grown up with them, I was able to learn who everyone was!

We went trick-or-treating together in 2010. I was a princess and she was supergirl! (: That afternoon/evening, we were downtown looking for someone who had parked his car in front of Younkers. So we went inside thinking that we would find him there, but we ended up finding him across the street with some of our other friends at a restaurant! They fed us table grapes and waffle fries! haha. At that time, I was driving the Volkswagen GTi, which had a manual transmission, and I parked on a slight incline when we went to visit the apartment of one of our friends. Well, I forgot to use the e brake, so the car started to roll backwards. Thankfully, she noticed or the car would have rolled into the intersection hahaha.

I am so glad that I always have someone to text weird stories to, and to gossip with (:

oh, and do you know who took the picture that I use for my Google profile? Abi! she's pretty awesome.


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