Sunday, May 19, 2013

Five of My Favorite Blogs

Five of my favorite blogs:

signed bookplate from Kelle's book "Bloom"

1. Kelle Hampton's Enjoying the Small Things

I first got drawn in to Kelle's blog when I saw her North Pole party on Pinterest. I forgot about the blog after a while, but then someone mentioned it, and I started reading and got sucked in. I love Kelle's blog because not only is it very inspiring, but I also love the way she writes, and her pictures are always very beautiful.

2. Camp Patton

Grace's blog is one of the funniest blogs I read! I especially love her posts about the funny things that her husband and daughter say!

3. Stelliinou

Stella is from Finland and takes amazing pictures! I love being able to see what it's like in a different country, and I wish that I could take pictures like hers!

4. Another Lunch

Melissa makes some of the cutest lunches ever for her four kids! I wish she would make my lunch for me! (:

5. Sally's Baking Addiction

Sally posts some seriously incredible recipes! I often wish there was a way to reach through my computer screen for her delectable treats!

It was really hard for me to only pick five blogs! Check out my profile on Bloglovin' to see what other blogs I follow and love!


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