Friday, May 10, 2013

embarrassing moments

when I first did a read-through of Jenni's topics for Blog Every Day in May, I knew that today's topic would be pretty easy for me to write about. why? because I have a lot of awkward/embarrassing moments, and I am one of the most easily embarrassed people!


-so I work at a tiny motel. the room attendants let me know when they left for the day that one of the freezers in one of the rooms was defrosting. the ice had been pretty thick, so I would check on it every little while, and it didn't seem to be melting too fast. a guy walked in to get a room for the night for himself and his dad, so I checked them in. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I remembered that I hadn't checked on the freezer for a few hours, so I went to go check on it. I didn't knock on the door, because I knew that no one was booked into that room for the night. {do you know where this is going yet?} I started to open the door, when I noticed that the light was on. I didn't remember turning the light on, but I opened the door a little farther to see that there were people in the room! I apologized multiple times as I was closing the door, and then again when I was the guy a little bit later. he told me to stop freaking out. haha. the lesson that I learned from this is to mark the room out of service on the computer, so I will remember to check the freezer, and I won't accidentally put someone in that room!

-one time I was giving one of my friends a hug, and then I turned around to give another friend a hug, but he went to give the other guy a hug, and I was just like awkwardly in the middle...

-a few weeks ago at work, I was trying to close a combination lock, and I tried probably five times to get it to stay closed before I realized that I needed to switch the numbers for it to not unlock...

-one time during lunch in high school, I was talking with my friends about some people who had a baby or were pregnant {sorry, don't remember the details}, and I said, "what if [so-and-so] isn't the mother of his baby?!" which is impossible, since with a natural pregnancy, a woman cannot carry another woman's eggs...

-a few days ago I accidentally turned a 3/4 full box of spaghetti upside down. you know blends in to our kitchen floor? thin whole wheat spaghetti noodles.

-I'm also really good at saying things that I shouldn't say, or saying things at the wrong time.


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