Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Photo of Myself

{photos in this post courtesy Matt Normann Photography. taken off facebook, so they're kind of small}

these are some of my senior pictures, which were taken right after I turned seventeen. the one above was the one that I used in the yearbook, and the next one below was the one I had printed as wallets to give out. I'm pretty sure I still have some somewhere!

the two above pictures were taken downtown. I remember having so much fun that night! We first took some pictures behind one of the shops downtown {brick wall} which was next door to the candy store that I worked at. of course, my boss from there was just randomly working on something outside while I was getting my pictures taken. it was pretty awkward.

then we {me, my mom, and Matt} drove to this place just off the highway that has like a little field. I refused the bug spray that I was offered, and ended up getting mosquito bites here. there is one picture in my proof book where you can see the mosquito on my face!

we drove out to the water for our final place of the night to catch the sunset!

it was a really fun night, and I totally recommend Matt as a photographer!


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