Wednesday, May 29, 2013

music to my ears

{I am so terrible at coming up with post titles.}

Today's challenge was five songs that speak to you or bring back memories. The hard part of this for me is to narrow it down to only five! I picked some songs that I haven't talked about on the blog here before, but if you'd like some more music posts, click here! (:

back in hell by delaney davidson on Grooveshark

Back in Hell by Reverend Beatman, performed by Delaney Davidson

one of the last times that I saw Delaney perform, he did this song. so, he sets up his looping {absolutely incredible} and then grabs the harmonica mic to sing/speak the song. he also was acting out the song. I wasn't entirely paying attention, as I was trying to take some pictures, so I didn't notice this until people laughed, but he chose me as the cheating wife, and the lovely Abi as my mother! haha.

me and Delaney; 13 June 2012; the night of the story above (:

The Perfectionist by Geri X

back when I first met Geri in October of 2010, I totally fell in love with her music. Abi showed me Geri's music video for "Kiss on Both Eyelids," and this video was one of the suggestions on the side. I used to listen to this song as I was walking across the street into school pretty much every day of my senior year.

me and Geri; 4 April 2012

The Wizard by Black Sabbath

hearing this video, and obviously watching this song, literally take me back to that concert, that night. it was amazing, and I will never forget that Ozzy loves me! (:

Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi with Black Sabbath; 3 August 2012

Holy Ground by Taylor Swift on Grooveshark
Holy Ground by Taylor Swift

while I don't have a story involving Taylor Swift here, I will say that I absolutely love this song, and that it reminds me of a moment during a day that happens to be very important to me.

I Am Good People by Kim Manning

this is a fun song from a fun lady! this song reminds me of the very energetic concert of hers that I attended in December of 2011.

Kim Manning, me, and Miss Meaghan Owens; 21 December 2011
I am so blessed to have incredible musicians in my life, whom I love very much!


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