Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day in the Life: Monday 13 May 2013

I was originally going to document yesterday for this day in the life post, but I found out on Sunday that I would be training someone at work on Tuesday, and I thought that that would be pretty weird if I was taking pictures while training someone. I ended up documenting Monday, which wasn't really a typical day.

I woke up at 6:30 because I had a dentist appointment at 8. I took a shower, got dressed, and put on mascara, then went downstairs for breakfast {Cinnamon Life} and blog reading at 7:10.

I left for the dentist at quarter to eight, and then I sat in the lobby there for like ten minutes. My appointment went well, although I don't understand why dental hygienists try to have a conversation with you, when their hands are in your mouth.

I drove downtown to go to the bank after my appointment, and one of the bridges must have been up, because traffic was stopped more than halfway down the street I was on {three blocks from the nearest bridge} when I parked.

I went home and did some more reading and took some pictures.

partial outfit of the day: Target flats, American Eagle skinny jeans, Target v-neck pocket tee

I spend a majority of my days listening to music. I love this song {Haunted Face} by the talented Liv Mueller!

I had lunch {whole wheat spaghetti, red sauce, mozzarella cheese, butter, and a glass of milk} before I headed up north to get an estimate on some rust removal for my car.

Of course I washed the dishes before I left though, with some new dishsoap that I received from Influenster to try and review {coming after I use it some more!}

It was really windy out, and only fifty degrees, so I regretted not having a jacket when I took some pictures at Baileys Harbor Marina.

I headed farther up north, where I went to a few resale stores. I bought two ramekins, and an Avon aftershave bottle that is shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle! The back part of the car, which goes over the cap, is missing, but it's pretty cool! It's from the late 1960's or early 1970's. The bottle feels and sounds like it's full, but the cap is stuck shut.

I headed back south, and stopped along the water in Ephraim for a few pictures on the west side of the county. There were some fishermen, and a sailboat or two. I even saw a few groups of guys at one of the golf courses!

Here's a picture of my new face accessory! {I'm still on auto, but I can't wait to learn how to really use this camera!}

I also stopped at a few stores, but I can't show you what I got, since I was shopping for my Cara Box partner, McCall!

I taught my tumbling class at the Y. Maybe it's because two of my favorite littles are in the class, but I'm really, really loving this session!

After class, I came home and had chicken and an apple for dinner, and a microwave mug sugar cookie for dessert. I also washed the dishes, all while listening to my favorite show on the radio {aka the only time I listen to the radio}.

Then I relaxed and edited some pictures, and got lost on the internet, and wrote this post! haha.


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  1. Hi. There are some great pics, but the one of the cat is terrific. I would like to be at the coast right now myself. Oh, by the way, abandon auto as soon as poss. I have been so lazy, and not really got to grips with my Nikon. Just this last couple of weeks I have dabbled with the 'program' mode. It's the business; so easy to adjust exposure for the tricky light shots which, in truth, is most. I wish I'd done it before. Have a great day.


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