Wednesday, May 8, 2013

why would anyone want my advice?

Since I don't exactly have great advice to share with you, I figured I would share two important lessons that my mom has taught me.

Number one: it's not what you say, it's how you say it. I have this unfortunate problem of opening my mouth more than I really should, and I don't always have the greatest things to say. You know how dogs (maybe other animals too) react to how you talk to them, not what you say? I guess that works for people too.

Number two: always sit/stand up straight. This one is something that I need to work on. Even as I'm typing this, I'm realizing how poor my posture is right now. The mom of one of the little girls in my tumbling class took some pictures of us during our circle time from our first class, and she put them on Facebook. I was so embarrassed by my poor posture! I saw her taking some pictures last night, so I made sure to sit up straighter, and have a pleasant look on my face.

That leads me into a bonus life lesson: if there is a camera out, have a pleasant look on your face! I have some pictures from the trip I took with my parents to British Columbia when I was fifteen, and in so many of her pictures, I just have a stupid look on my face, and, ugh, it's so not flattering.


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  1. Love these words of advice - your mom is a very wise woman. :)


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