Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Story of my Life...

alternate title: "Teresa is very awkward"

{this post includes pictures of me being awkward through life!}

I saw that some of the blogs that I follow are participating in Story of My Life's Blog Every Day in May challenge, and I thought that this would be a great way for me to do some writing this month! I hope that I am able to post each day!!


I was born on the ninth of August, 1993, my parents’ second daughter. Something that not a whole lot of people know is that I was born cross-eyed, and it took everyone a few months to notice that, but I was able to have eye surgery at a young age to correct the problem. From kindergarten through seventh grade, I attended a small Catholic school. The class size was decreasing each year {3 of us in seventh grade!}, so I ended up going to the public middle school for eighth grade. I don’t really remember a whole lot from those days, just that I was the weird, small kid who always seemed to be left out. Junior year, I started my current job, and I totally fell in love with the hotel the fall of my senior year of high school. I was the editor of the yearbook my senior year of high school, and somehow I ended up on Homecoming court. I was intending to go to college in Madison for fashion marketing, but a few months before I graduated, I decided that I wanted to go to school for Hotel/Restaurant Management. I started college at a local technical school in August of 2011, and I will be graduating this December! Other than my amazing job at the fabulous hotel, I also teach a tumbling class at the YMCA for 3-5 year olds, and I am a camp counselor for four and five year olds. And the story continues…


I made exactly 250 words! so here are the awkward pictures as promised...

{some taken my parents, some taken my other people - stolen off facebook}

 here I am at age 2 ~ my eyes still look a little crossed, not sure if it's just the picture or what ~ I liked to play with cars & Barbies! (:

Halloween 1996 - age 3 {I'm on the left} this picture makes me laugh so much!

Easter 2001 {I'm 7, so my sister is around 14} - matching dresses and sweaters from her Godmother!

awkward face while being announced at the Homecoming football game in 2010

thanks to this girl, there are plenty of funny PhotoBooth pictures of me on facebook!

at Lollapalooza {August 2012; my birthday present from my dad!} to see Black Sabbath!! mad because my phone wouldn't work haha

so that's pretty much me in a nutshell - I'm looking forward to writing more this month!


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  1. So jelly you went to Lollapalooza. Loved all the pics


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